Speaking Engagements

Jan 2018 VBMA Round Table

Feb 2018 Happy People, Happy Pets

Mar 2018 Iowa Vet School

July 2018 AVMA Denver, CO

Aug 2018 NDVMA

​Sep 2018 Purdue Vet School

​Oct 2018 IAAHPC

Dr. Cherie Buisson is a 2000 graduate of Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine. She is the owner of A Happy Vet and Helping Hands Pet Hospice. Her articles are featured on DrAndyRoark.com and other publications. She lectures throughout the United States on hospice, euthanasia, self care, compassion fatigue and being happy in veterinary medicine. Dr. Buisson is a recovering perfectionist, bookworm, cyclist and living proof that being a nerd isn't all that bad.

I spent most of veterinary school and the first 8 years of practice feeling like an imposter. I was stressed, anxious and wondering if I had picked the wrong profession. As I found my way, I realized that I consistently had the wrong job not the wrong calling! Like many in this field, I sacrificed my personal health and happiness, ending up with chronic illnesses. I want to help other veterinary professionals avoid the mistakes I made and be the happiest and healthiest they can be as early in their careers as possible.